Our Basic Services

Fully experience the local living by eating like a local

Accommodation Establishments Leases

It is perhaps the most particular sector of services for a hotel company. The businessmen are puzzled by the long-term leases that often are not paid on time or at all, in many cases the companies are delivered destroyed or with many lacks or damages in equipment and installations.

Big Property Operational Management

Initially we incorporate your business under the umbrella of Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection. So we create all the conditions for further development.

Our Basic Services

You have six very important reasons to collaborate

Viability Studies of Tourist Accommodation Establishment

We carry out a complete Business Plan for the full development of the business, with re-designing of its products, with a specific philosophy and in an inclusive basis.

Full Operation Management

We undertake the general management and the supervision of all the departments of the unit, Marketing of the company, but also its complete integration in the Exclusive Plan Hotels Selection, while all the proposals and the opportunities of development of business are co-signed in a works contract.

Sales & Reservation Management

We plan the commercial policy – integration into the global sales network (on-line & off-line) with central monitoring for the on-line department and with central reservation management both from the global network, but also from the inside.

New Activities & Inputs

Planning of new departments and developing of new sources of income as per department, as for the whole company, lengthening of the season, increase profits, optimization of Food, thematic tourism, events department, completed service packages, etc.

Finances & Promotion

Monitoring of operating expenses and financial data of the enterprise with a continuous reporting, central agreements with suppliers, with final objective the increase of customers satisfaction and the improvement of the company’s reputation in the market.

Discovery & Staff Training

We undertake the recruitment, training, assessment of qualified personnel, the planning of the operating rules of the enterprise, and the control systems, in order to guarantee the result.

Exclusive Plan

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