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In Zagorochoria , where nature meets tradition, there are forty-six beautiful villages, perched on the mountains northeast of Ioannina . Zagorochoria enchants the visitor, both with their unique natural beauty and with their traditional architecture. Framed by lush green slopes, running water, imposing gorges and enchanting lakes, they are an ideal destination all year round.

Living room with fireplace

Our accommodation has spacious double and triple rooms, luxurious suites with hydromassage, while most rooms have a fireplace.

Romantic Scenery

Hotel "Baya" offers you an unforgettable experience with a view of the Vikaki ravine and the village of Kipi.

Fantastic Views

Excursions to Zagorochoria in the capital! With fantastic views and incredible tranquility here you will be filled with memories that will be unforgettable.

Mpagia Hotel

Excursions to Zagorochoria in the capital!


The "Bagia" hotel is located on the left side of the entrance of the Gardens, in a very privileged position on the edge of the rock which gives the visitor the opportunity to admire the shapely three-arched bridge "Kalogeriko" in the Vikaki ravine.


Zagori is one of the most popular tourist areas in mountainous Greece. This is a large area located in Epirus and more specifically in the northeastern part of N. Ioannina. Zagorochoria is a complex of 52 villages, located in Zagori. They are a single whole with many common architectural, cultural and historical elements. Most have been declared traditional settlements.


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