Being aware of this very special market in depth, we also undertake the recruitment, training, but also the assessment of qualified staff that your company will need, while knowing exactly how the mechanism of progress in the tourism sector works, we undertake the planning of operating rules, which will be adapted to your own business, but also the necessary control systems that will ensure the desired result.

Investing in the discovery of ambitious teams that will staff the departments of the accommodation establishments and will thus support the implementation of a NEW PHILOSOPHY, thus we invest directly in the increase of turnover but also in the rate of customers’ satisfaction.

Our basic concern is to find partners who are based on specific job description for each position. Most importantly, is the continuous monitoring, training and assessment of each employee to know in advance that they will have the development that they wish and can with meritocratic criteria be with us for many years.

In each of our cooperation we focus specifically on the HR department and we are committed to a number of very important issues such as:

  • Planning of handbook of policy and procedures of the departments. Rules but also standards that staff should follow daily.
  • Planning and implementation of internal work regulation.
  • Planning and implementation of productivity standards.
  • Identifying business staffing needs
  • Planning of flow chart.
  • Planning and job description for every position that is provided.
  • Consulting proposals for the payroll, the contacts but also the recruitment procedures.
  • Planning and implementation of payroll budget.
  • Planning and implementation of financial reports. On a weekly or monthly basis we can have at our disposal valid financial information, thus the owner has the possibility to have them in regular time spaces and together we plan – decide the corrective actions, where this is required.
  • Monthly payroll.
  • Recruitment of the company with the suitable persons.
  • Continuous training in all the departments on procedures, communication and customers’ service, before the beginning season but also during.
  • Planning of evaluation system for each department. Thus, the employee recognizes now the company’s effort to train the employees and motivate them for future development.

These are indicative areas of the Human Resources Department for which we commit with specific results. The objective is to create groups that work with specific rules, know analytically the philosophy of the company and provide qualitative services to customers feeling the confidence that the company meritocratically watches them, educate them and would take care of their direct development of all those who work with conscientiousness.