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Greek tourism stakeholders are counting on the country’s strong brand name to play a key role in the sector’s recovery after the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic subsides, according to a study released this week by SETE Intelligence (INSETE), the Greek Tourism Confederation’s (SETE) research body.

According to INSETE analysts, safeguarding Greece’s reputation for quality and safety is the top priority.

Titled “The Covid-19 Pandemic and Greek Tourism”, the study evaluates the factors that affect the course of tourism and assesses the travel receipt data of 10 of Greece’s top source markets – Germany, UK, US, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Belgium – which account for 2/3 of all revenues.

According to the analysis, the wide dispersion of Greece’s visitor base is an advantage that gives the country the opportunity to attract visitors from various markets as they recover from the coronavirus outbreak, while also building on its own success in containing the spread of the virus and low infection and death rates compared to rival country destinations.

According to INSETE, once restrictions are lifted and considering that the desire for travel will have picked up, there is a possibility that there will be a comparatively higher demand for travel services in the fourth quarter of 2020, even as early as September.

In the meantime, losses in tourism-related revenue for 2020 will be extensive, according to the research body, particularly in view of the fact that Q2 (accounting for 26 percent of all revenue) has been lost. Remaining quarterly performance based on 2019 data: Q1: 4 percent, Q3: 59 percent, and Q4: 11 percent.